Thursday, September 23, 2010

Religionists hate John Crowder's preaching of the cross

The controversy surrounding John Crowder is not about silly antics or his provocative use of language. Those things are just about having fun, prompting people to joy and to think outside of the box in terms of grace and authentic, supernatural Christianity.

The real problem button with Crowder has to do with his understanding of the cross. If you have ever heard one of his sermons (not just the little spliced youtube propaganda clips composed by angry, immature heresy hunters), you will see that Crowder's faith embraces a radical foundation of the cross of Christ. He has a deep revelation of the crucified Christ, and Crowder teaches the Pauline epistles in a way that carries the authentic scandal of grace. That's what the scandal is about ... the grace of Christ's cross. It turns religionists beet red, makes their blood boil, and has them running circles trying to indict him on something. Crowder is a grace man. People are not offended at John Crowder. It's the freedom of Christ's cross that they have a problem with.

Of course, there is fruit to show for it. More than 100,000 salvations through his ministry. Deaf ears and blind eyes opening, cancers falling off of bodies. Marriages being reconciled and many people getting delivered from drugs. People get happy after attending his meetings and fall in love with Jesus. Love and joy are fruits of the Spirit. He also has some very intriguing and well-researched books, but the religionists will not read those. They just prefer to shoot down what they don't understand and try to attribute all this good fruit to the devil. Nothing new under the sun.

I would encourage you to check out John Crowder's own Youtube channel where he posts regular weekly teachings at

Crowder's weekly Youtube broadcast is called "The Jesus Trip." He bravely swims with sharks, as there are lots of antagonists who come against him on Youtube as well.

Here are some good videos to watch as well:

John Crowder in India

John Crowder kissing the lepers

John Crowder with some great theology

This one is just for fun: